Welcome to Friends of SCSP

Seminole Canyon State Park has had a rough go of it for the past year or so. There has been major utility  and infrastructure repair & replacement for the aging and failing water lines, rest room upgrades and a host of other minor and major works for the park. According to Douglas Adair, the Park Superintendent, completion is right around the corner. The Park has stayed open for the most part for day use, but closed for camping. February/March 2021, it is hoped, will open up the camping section again. Happy Days!

Another big, new change at the park is the startup of the Friends of Seminole Canyon State Park and Historic Site (SCSP). Yes, it has come together. The purpose of the 501 (C) 3 is to help support the park to be able to offer activities and engagements that are outside of the Park’s normal routine. Specifically, “To assist and support thru volunteer activities and fund raising the overall goals and objectives of Seminole Canyon State Park and Historic Site.” That is who we are.

Our first objective is to grow membership in Friends of SCSP. By joining as a Friend you will be part of a like minded group of folks who experience SCSP as a very unique and special world. The beauty and ruggedness of the canyon lands is all around us. The world renowned 4500 year old Rock Art of the Lower Pecos is the heart of the Park. The Dark Sky certification is phenomenal for star gazing. Cooking in the desert? Absolutely. The Dutch oven cooking program. Want to be working on trails?  And we need volunteers! Folks have been living, working and visiting here for over 10,000 years.

Panther Cave, accessible only by boat, sits just out of reach off of lower Seminole Canyon as it joins Lake Amistad. Starting in the late spring, 2021, kayaks will be ready to take visitors the ¼ mile or so from Seminole Canyon to the Cave site. Friends of SCSP have just wrapped up a very successful fund raising effort to purchase those thirteen kayaks for the hike / kayak tour. It includes two kayaks for the guides, and for the visitors 10 solo kayaks and one tandem kayak.

An old Blue Bird 10 seat school bus (twenty passenger) was just aquired for bringing visitors on the six mile round trip to the Panther Cave and Presa Canyon overlooks. (EIGHT MILES IF YOU HIKE THE RIM TRAIL!) Many Park visitors are unable or uninterested in making the six mile hike along the ranch road to those spectacular overlooks. They really are a “Must See.” The bus is in great shape, but the seats are, well, a mess. The Friends of SCSP to the rescue! We have completely reupholstered the seats and should have everything up and running very soon.

Come experience the delightful World of The Rock Art of The Lower Pecos. We look forward to your joining us as Friends of Seminole Canyon State Park and Historic Site.

Hope to see you soon at Seminole Canyon State Park

Sandy Sands, President, Friends of Seminole Canyon State Park

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