Camping at SCSP

Camping at Seminole Canyon State Park is a great way to spend a week or a weekend! We have been enjoying the park for about 8 years and each time we come we do more and see more wonderful things. The Rock Art of the Lower Pecos is always a draw, and there is also boating, visiting close by Langtry (where Judge Roy Bean was “the law west of the Pecos” for many years in the late 1800’s). There are many animals to see, and bird watching during some of the seasons, walking around some pretty spectacular canyons and just relaxing!

The Pecos River

The scenery is magical! Especially before a rain storm.

Find your perfect camping spot. They are all good, with views that are perfect too.

Take the Park sponsored Fate Bell and Fate Bell Annex tour. The Park sponsors tours of Presa Canyon , the Upper Canyon, and soon the Panther Canyon tour. Tickets available online or at the park office .

There are miles of trails that one can enjoy on ones own. One of my favorites is the Rim trail, but the Rio Grande trail is a favorite too. And, the Windmill Tour is also a favorite. I guess I like them all.

And….the views!

Take a canoe/kayak ride on the Pecos River, or Lake Amistad.

Visit neighboring Rock Art sites sponsored by the Witte Museum

We’ve seen skunks, deer, grey fox, javelina, raccoons, indigo snakes, rattle snakes and coachwhip snakes, rabbits, lizards including the Texas horn toad lizard, porcupines and two herds of feral goats roam the grounds of the park. There has been a Mexican Black Bear siting. Here is a picture of a porcupine that visited us one morning.

And, at the end of the day enjoy your camp site at Seminole Canyon State Park

Seminole Canyon State Park

November 2020

Henny E Sands

Member of the Friends of Seminole Canyon State Park

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